ToastyFox Heated Clothes User Guide


Heated clothes have been around for decades in places like Canada and other cold climates. With the heating bills in the UK going crazy we thought it was time to offer them in the UK.

So here are the most popular questions about them, do email us any questions and we'll add them here too.

Are these safe, can you wash them?

Yes of course, it's long tested tech. You can wash them as normal, just remove the battery and tuck the charging cable away. If the pocket has a zip on it, zip the cable inside. Wash them on a normal ~1 hour wash. Dry them as normal too.

You can also wash them by hand.

Can you use these instead of central heating?

Yes you absolutely can in the UK, our heated clothes are thick and padded to retain the most heat.

How much do they cost to run?

Very little, if you're wearing the heated top, bottoms and socks it'll be about 5-8p a day in total.

What's the battery life like if I want to keep them on MAX all the time?

Well, if the clothes get too hot it will automatically reduce the temp, but you can override this by pressing the heating button again. If you leave it on MAX you'll get about 4-5 hours of heat from the 10,000mah battery.

If you want MAX for all day we highly recommend getting the 2M USB extension cable, then you also have the option of plugging them in to a USB charger/laptop/PC etc. and in this setup it'll last for as long as you leave them plugged in, but don't forget to unplug if you wander off!

Can I wear something over the top of the clothes, say a second pair of socks over the heated socks?

Yes you can, this will make them extra warm and extend the battery life considerably.

What kind of charger do I need for the batteries or to plug the clothes in without a battery?

One which will supply 5v & 2amps (or above), this is quite standard, for example a fast charger or a modern phone charger. Any laptop/PC/USB port should be able to run them too.

Are the batteries heavy, will I notice them?

With the 10,000mah batteries probably not, it's like having a little phone in your pocket. On the socks they are very small and have their own little pouch they live in, I certainly don't notice them. The bigger 20,000mah battery is heavier but still feels fine when doing something like hiking, less heavy than a can of pop.

Are these good quality? Are you actually in the UK?

Yes, we bought up every single type of heated clothes we could find and tested them all over 3 months. There is a lot of rubbish out there (see ebay) and some of the terrible ones we got were sketchy at best, dangerous at worse.

We are now working with a small family company in Asia who make the basic design for us, then we finish them in the UK, and we are also doing bespoke designs in the UK (email us for this service).

These are absolutely fantastic quality with lovely cotton (tops, bottoms) & modal (socks) material, we use them ourselves every day.

We're based in Newcastle upon Tyne and you can come and buy from us in person if you want to. No Chinese drop shipping here, no import tax, no crazy 60 day shipping times. If it's in stock we'll ship it to you the same day.