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ToastyFox Heated Jumper

ToastyFox Heated Jumper

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Our excellent ToastyFox heated Jumpers, the only knitted woollen design on the market, internally lined, thick and warm - we think these are the best quality heated Jumper you can buy, these will keep you warm on a cold day & they are designed in the UK.

You can order with or without a USB battery. There are 2 battery options, 10,000Mah good for about 4-7 hours depending on how hot you have it, or the beast 20,000Mah model, which will last you 7-13 hours - ideal for camping or hiking.

They are charged via a USB cable which is included - the battery can also charge your phone, torch, laptop etc.

The five large size heating elements are in the front (2) and back (3), there is a large front pouch pocket to keep your hands warm. There are 3 heat settings on the Jumper itself.

Even when not turned on this is one of the warmest most padded Jumpers you'll find. They are easy to wash, just remove the battery, use a 50c setting, ideally on the delicate mode, then dry as normal.

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